1. Will Patrick Dowd resign his seat as a representative of Pittsburgh City Council?
Yes. Patrick will resign his seat on City Council to become the Executive Director of Allies for Children. He has served as an elected official for nearly ten years, serving first on the Pittsburgh Board of Education and then on Pittsburgh City Council. Through this new role, Patrick will continue his public service to Western Pennsylvania with a total focus on the well being of our children.

2. When Will Patrick resign his seat?
Patrick will resign his seat on approximately July 9, 2013.

3. When does Patrick’s current term of office expire?
Patrick won re-election to City Council in November, 2011 for a term that extends to January of 2016.

4. Will there be a special election to fill the unexpired portion of that term?
Yes. If Patrick resigns on July 9, it will be approximately 120 days prior to the November 5, 2013 General Election. According to the Pittsburgh Home Rule Charter, a vacancy that opens between 120 days and 59 days prior to an already scheduled election is filled by a special election held at the same time as the scheduled election. Therefore, the special election should be held as a part of the November 5, 2013 General Election.

Holding the special election on the same day as the General Election ensures the highest possible voter turn-out and the least cost to the taxpayers.

5. What is compelling about the new opportunity?
Leading Allies for Children will give Patrick an opportunity to focus his passion and energy on improving the lives of children and youth in our region.

6. Describe Patrick’s new role with Allies for Children.
Patrick will lead Allies for Children, a non-profit organization which is designed to inspire practical policy and programmatic changes on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of children in the Pittsburgh region. Allies will collaborate with organizations and individuals across the region and pledge to be a powerful voice for children and ensure that their needs remain foremost in policy deliberations at the local, state, and federal levels.

Allies works with business, government, academic institutions, and non-profit agencies to identify needs and is committed to meeting those needs based on proven public policies and by promoting evidenced-based programs and services.

In his first months on the job, Patrick will focus on listening to partners and leaders to identify opportunities to advocate, collaborate on existing programs, and build new partnerships on behalf of the region’s children.