Guiding Principles

Be a voice for children – make our work the business of making children, not their parents, caregivers or other adults, front and center in policy discussions.

Use data and evidence – to drive public policy recommendations.

Operate in a non-partisan manner – all policymakers, regardless of political affiliation, value children and have a role in advancing public policy.

Be accretive – contribute value-add to the dialogue about children, rather than duplicating of the good work of others.

Work in a collaborative manner – value those who came before us for their important contributions and join with them to make change.

Lead only when it is strategic – follow when others are already effectively advancing the desired policy change.

Work with all stakeholders in a respectful manner – acknowledge the unique capacity each individual or group brings to the table and listen carefully to understand their unique point of view.

Build, don’t burn bridgestoday’s opponent can be tomorrow’s ally.

Be passionate but never stridentrelationships are critical to advancing change.

Reach for high goals, but remain pragmatic – understand that policy change is a long process with many steps and gains along the way.

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